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Version 2.0pl2, Released 15 Jul 2007

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Maintenance Update

This version is a maintenance update to 2.0, which was released 12 Jan 2004. If you don't have 2.0 already, you may need to download it first before installing the update.


Break out the champagne, version 2.0 is finally here. (Note: Some users have reported problems with Windows 95/98. If you use Win9x and are unable to connect with this version of ViRC 2.0, please try an older version. We hope to have the issue resolved soon.)

Features (view full change log)

Event mask wizard for easier scripting. The tab bar is now a plugin, and a mouse gesture plugin is also included. Several scripting changes/fixes for COM and OLE Automation. Several other bug fixes, including a DCC compatibility fix for newer versions of mIRC.

Maintenance Update Info

This fixes a security hole which was discovered recently, and corrects a scripting bug introduced in the previous patch for that hole. To install it, simply extract the ZIP into your ViRC folder, replacing virc.exe and the .bpl files.

Expected Lifetime

A little while.

Problems? Suggestions?

Search or post on the ViRC Message Board, join the mailing list, or visit #ViRC on irc.efnet.net or irc.undernet.org.

Version History

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