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Who made Visual IRC?

Visual IRC 2 is actually the third product in the MeGALiTH's Visual IRC line:

  • Visual IRC (16-bit) - Released in 1995, written by MeGALiTH. This program had many built-in features, but it was also scriptable with VPL (ViRC Programming Language), the predecessor to ViRCScript and Versus.
  • Visual IRC '96 (a.k.a. Visual IRC '97, Visual IRC '98) - Released in 1996, written by MeGALiTH. This was the first 32-bit version of ViRC. Many of the features that were built into 16-bit ViRC were handled by the default script in ViRC '96. ViRC '98 contained some code contributed by Mr2001, particularly enhancements to the ViRCScript engine.
  • Visual IRC 2 - Released in 2001, written by Mr2001 (just a coincidence!). This version's Versus scripting language is based on ViRCScript, but internally it has been almost totally rewritten. (In fact, ViRC 2 only shares a few hundred lines of code with ViRC '98.)

Who is Mr2001?

Mr2001, last known photo
Miss images, miss out.

Mr2001 (Jesse McGrew) was last seen residing in Spokane, Washington, the largest metropolitan area between Seattle and Minneapolis. He had been programming since elementary school, and was employed at the time as a software engineer/network administrator/guru for a small company in Airway Heights, Washington.

Who is MeGALiTH?

MeGALiTH (Adrian Cable) is a mysterious character who lives in England. No pictures of him have been discovered.

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