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Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Kazam's screenshot
sab0tage's screenshot
wombat's screenshot
R0aD]{ilL's screenshot
Minimal screenshot


  • FREE - no registration fee, no time limit, no nag screen!
  • Script editor - including visual form designer
  • User profiles - give your friends, family, or pets their own presets
  • Server lists - use different nicks or settings on different servers/networks
  • Multiple server connections - chat on 10 networks without having to open 10 copies of the program; the window tab bar automatically groups windows by server
  • Event sounds - hear kickbans from across the room
  • Fully customizable text, fonts, images, and colors
  • Fully customizable commands, menus, and toolbars
  • DCC whiteboard - shared drawing space with recording and playback
  • DCC and TDCC with firewall support - quickly send files and resume broken transfers
  • Minimize to tray
  • Background pictures and wallpaper
  • Bold, underline, italic, 16 million foreground and background colors
  • Save settings to registry or INI file - great for running ViRC from a floppy
  • Powerful scripting language - The Versus script engine, greatly enhanced since Visual IRC '98, gives scripters access to every aspect of ViRC's operation and appearance. A few scripts are included:
    • Smileys.vsc - change emoticons like :) into precious little pictures:
    • Winamp.vsc - control Winamp 2.x from a toolbar, announce the song you're listening to
    • More scripts can be found in the Scripts section or at R0aD]{ilL's script site.
  • International messages - download Spanish and German translations, or make a translation for your favorite language
  • Automatic update checking - find out immediately when a new version is released
  • ActiveX scripting - aside from ViRC's native language, you can also write script routines in VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, or any other ActiveX scripting language
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