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Scripts for ViRC

In addition to the scripts included with ViRC, you can find many additional scripts at these sites:

Visual IRC includes a few scripts when you install it:

  • schat.vsc - SimpleChat, kind of like a multi-user DCC chat
  • slidegame.vsc - slide numbered tiles around to solve a puzzle. fun for
  • smileys.vsc - adds graphical smiley icons, no more turning your head for :)
  • tictactoe.vsc - play Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses?) over a DCC Whiteboard connection
  • winamp.vsc - display song title, time, and remote control for Winamp 1.x and 2.x

You may also download these:

  • moodll.vsc - a front end to the system information library moo.dll. impress your friends!
  • nicklist.vsc - adds colors, styles, and bitmaps to RC2's nick list (NOTE: These features are built into RC3, and nicklist.vsc won't work with ViRC 2.0 RC3 or later. The script is provided here for educational purposes only.)
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