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New version announcement!

You may have been wondering where the next version of ViRC is. Well, the wait is nearly over. I've been keeping this under wraps for a while now, and the free trial installer isn't quite available yet, but here's the latest screenshot (click to enlarge):

Visual mIRC thumbnail

That's right. All the power of Visual IRC is now available to every mIRC user as Visual mIRC, including these features and more:

  • Turbo DCC
  • DCC Whiteboard
  • Object Versus script engine, compatible with every script at VisualScripts.com
  • Animated help man with FREE "clue tractor" upgrade - if you place your order this month!

Watch this space for release dates, pricing plans, and information on other upcoming products like Visual XiRCON, Visual BitchX, and Visual BIRC!

--Jesse McGrew, 1 April 2005

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