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Simple Codes

ASCII value Script escape code Keystroke Description
2 \b Ctrl+B Bold (toggle)
15 \o Ctrl+O Normal (turn off bold, italic, underline, fixed pitch, reverse, and colors)
17 \f Ctrl+F Fixed pitch (toggle)
18 \r Ctrl+R Reverse foreground/background (toggle)
22 \i This code is deprecated; use \r or \s instead.
Italic (old ViRC), inverse (most clients), or configurable (new ViRC).
29 \s Ctrl+N Italic (toggle)
31 \u Ctrl+U Underline (toggle)

Color Codes

Color codes can be used a few different ways: the code followed by a foreground or background color description changes the color of any following text; the code followed by any character, other than a comma, that cannot be part of a color description (or at the end of a line) cancels any previous color changes.

  • <code><color> - change foreground color
  • <code><color>,<color> - change foreground and background color
  • <code><color>, - change foreground, restore default background
  • <code>,<color> - change background, restore default foreground
  • <code>, - restore default foreground and background
  • <code><text> - restore default foreground and background
ASCII value Script escape code Keystroke Color desc. format Description
3 \k Ctrl+K 1 or 2 digit number less than 16 mIRC compatible colors: 0=white, 1=black, 2=dk blue, 3=green, 4=red, 5=maroon, 6=purple, 7=orange, 8=yellow, 9=lt green, 10=teal, 11=cyan, 12=blue, 13=fuchsia, 14=dk gray, 15=lt gray
4 \d Ctrl+L 6 digit hex number RGB colors: first 2 digits are red, second 2 are green, last 2 are blue

Special Codes

These codes are only used locally for marking links. The codes 10 and 13 were chosen because those codes are line breaks in the IRC protocol, so hyperlink codes will never be present in any message received from a server.

ASCII value Script escape code Description
10 \L URL hyperlink marker
13 \S Script link / TMS command marker
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